Little Lions

Beginning Learning Materials... starting at 3-5 years old

Learning ABC and 123: Alphabet - Letter sounds

Learning Words: Word sounds - Phonetic Rules

Learning Sentences: Nouns - Verbs

Learning Conversation: Questions - Greetings

Learning Numbers: Number Symbols - Number Words - Addition

Learning to write: Writing Words and Letters

Young Learners

Young Learning Materials... starting at 6-9 years old

Reading: Interactive Story Books (understanding, pronunciation, and speed)

Vocabulary building: Subject Vocabulary - Adjectives - Prepositions - Days and Events

Writing: 5-sentence Paragraphs

Serious Learners

Reading-to-Write: Writing Composition Focused Reading - Writing Flow and Style

Transformation-based Grammar: Modals - Hypotheticals - Completion - Abstract Time and Places

Fluency: Question and Answer - Synonymy - Antynomy

Writing: Story Writing - Research - Presentation

Math: Algebra - Non-Trignometric Calculus - Simple Proofs from Number Theory

Advanced Students

Academic Subject Reading: History - Sociology - Anthropology - Business - Marketing - Economics - Biology - Chemistry - Physics - Elementary Set Theory - Statistics - Calculus - Ethics - IT - CS - Neural Psychology - Basic Medical Science

Writing: Composition Style - Topic Research - Modern Multimedia Presentation Methods

Debate: Research Methods - Topical and Classical Issues - Critical Philosophical and Sophist Technique - Jurisprudence - Legal History - Constitutional Law

Grammar Advanced Clauses and Phrasing - Linguistic Syntax, Morphology, and Phonetics - Pragmatics

Ivy League Test Prep

Vocabulary: Test-specific Vocabulary List Prep

Writing: Test-specific Writing Prep

Question Types: Test-specific Question Style Prep

Test Construction Methodology: The Psychology of the Test Writing Business - Functional Testing Theory

Business Development: Future Entrepreneurial Markets - Business Administration - Market Sustainability - International Relations - Critical Economic Planning - Advanced Decision Theory and Ethics

Science and Research: Future Technological Development - History of Science, Technology, Social Structure, Business, and Law